What Is a VPN and Why Do You Need One?

What Is a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technical service that hides your personal information that you share on the internet by connecting you to a private network anywhere in the world. Since hackers use your IP address to obtain sensitive information, VPN provides another IP address that can mask your real one. For instance, you are from New York and you are browsing the web. With VPN, you can appear that you are accessing the internet in Spain or any other places. There are many testimonies online on how VPN helps them in achieving a safe browsing experience online.

You may wonder why you need a VPN. To help you decide, here are a few things you might consider:

  • Online Security

– When you talk about VPN, you should highlight its main characteristic—it helps you have a secured and private connection online. VPN makes this possible by hiding your IP address, location and search history. With this, it disables websites and internet service providers to track your activity online. VPN secures your online presence by using encrypted connections and establishing VPN tunnels. You are not only defended from hackers, but you are also safe from websites that sell your data to companies that utilize it to boost their market. With your personal information being shared online, there are a lot of issues with regards to privacy.  

– Another thing is, VPN helps you establish a protected connection when you are using public Wi-Fis. It is known to many that public Wi-Fi poses threats. Despite this, some of us are still taking the risk and connecting to it anyway since it is free. The main issue In using them is a massive possibility of cyber-attack occurrence since the network’s security is inconsistent. When you logged in your social media accounts and transfer money through online banking using public Wi-Fi, you are at risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, unencrypted networks, malware distribution and any other malicious cyber-attacks

– With VPN, you can safely browse the internet even though you are using public Wi-Fi. How does VPN do this? When your device is connected to an unsecured public network, and when you use it to check your bank account, someone skilled in breaking on the internet can quickly get a hold of your passwords, emails and other vital information. But if you use a VPN, they won’t be able to access these. It also prohibits the attacker from getting in between your computer and website, which will be a disadvantage to the hackers since they can’t read this transmission. When using a VPN, it is still necessary to careful in the internet world.

  • Bypass geo-blocked contents

– It can be frustrating if you want to stream your favorite series and shows, but it is not available in your country. Websites like YouTube and Netflix can limit the content that can be watched in your place. However, with a VPN, you can access these since it changes your IP address. It lets websites think that you are living in a place wherein access t these contents are permitted. Nevertheless, make sure that you read the Terms of Services agreement before doing this.  

  • Access to Internet Restrictions

– Even though the internet is available globally, some counties still have restrictions and limitations with online accessibility. When you travel abroad, you may find out that the available sites in your nation are blocked in that particular country. A VPN can help you bypass these by ensuring that your online traffic looks like it came from a different location. Before you do this, remember to do extensive research first bout the laws on VPN of the country that you wish to visit.

  • Improves gaming experience

– The gaming industry is undeniably booming and growing these days. Incorporating a VPN in your gaming experience has a lot of advantages. VPN helps you improve lag and reduce ping, purchase games no matter which country you’re residing, protect your privacy, deal with geo-blocking, and many more. While gaming is continually improving, make sure that you are not left behind.

  • Save money

– You may wonder if how VPN helps you save a few bucks. When you are using a VPN, you can find great deals such as cheaper airfare, car rental rates, hotel prices, subscription plans, etc. The prices of products may vary depending on your location.

Now that you are aware of how vast VPN services can be. VPN offers online protection, remote access, improvement of performance and discovery of great deals online. Not only that, you are protecting yourself from hackers, but you are also enjoying and availing services without limits. With VPN, you can explore the world without restrictions. If you are still not convinced to avail of VPN Services, you ignore the perks of having it.

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